EAM v4.75 員工監視軟體發佈

Dec 9, 2008 – Imonitor, the global award-winning provider of Computer Monitoring Software, today announced the release of Employee Activity Monitor 4.75, an all-in-one solution that records and controls all employee computer activities and prevents loss of critical and confidential data from leaving.

What’s new in Employee Activity Monitor v4.75?

Allowed users to set from date to date to check relevant logs.
Allowed users to disable alerts.
Allowed users to change database directory and back database.
Denied anonymous access. User cann’t access Agent by installing another unregistered EAM server, the connection will be denied (This feature is for Full Version Only).
Added user name to every log captured by the EAM Agent.
Fixed bugs in 4.74.

How to enable the new feature?

First of all, you need to uninstall your old version and download the new version here.

Key features of Employee activity monitor:

  • 日誌電子郵件, 即時消息, 擊鍵, 列印工作
  • 監視器 FTP 檔案傳輸, 訪問網站, 使用應用程式
  • 集中式 網路監測和 內容篩選
  • 監控員工使用電腦和互聯網的使用
  • 監視器 檔案複製, 刪除, rename actions
  • 監視器 U 盤, MMC/SD 卡, CD/DVD 使用
  • 隱身 和檢測不到監測和監督
  • Monitor and control websites accessing, filter unwanted websites
  • 發送警報,以主控台時員工竊取公司分泌
  • 記錄 MSN, ICQ, AOL and yahoo messenger 聊天的使用者
  • 遠端 查看員工桌上型電腦 和控制員工電腦通過遠端桌面
  • 監控公司電腦硬體和軟體變更
  • 查看所有正在運行的進程和殺任何人
  • 記錄生活畫面的多網路電腦

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Pricing and Availability:
Price of Employee activity monitor: $199.95
Free Trial of Employee activity monitor:
下載 free trial of Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor 4.75
System Requirements:
微軟 Windows 98 2000 XP 2003 Vista

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