Best Family PC Keylogger for Parents

現在, kids like to spend most of their time chatting with friends online even sometimes they chat with strangers, which has a major threat to the safety of your children. 此外, more porn information pops up automatically on the Internet and kids are curious with it and they may be addicted to these porn information. Parents should keep a close watch over your kidsInternet usage, which is extremely important for their growing up. 微型鍵盤記錄, the best family PC keylogger, help every parent monitor and control kids’ 網上活動.

Why Micro Keylogger is called the best family PC keylogger is because it can not only help parents monitor what their children do online, but also can block any unwanted websites. Micro Keylogger can record all the keystrokes that are typed on the computer, all websites that are visited and every application or game used on the computer, and it can also log the files downloaded. And this family PC keylogger will capture the screenshots at the preset interval by using email or FTP. The most important thing is that all things are done in invisibly and undetectably. The computer monitoring software runs every time the computer starts up, and it will record automatically and invisibly, so it is not easy to be detected.

Additional, the 微型鍵盤記錄 can block porn websites automatically, so you don’t need to worry that your children will be addicted to porn Internet world. And you can also filter any websites that you don’t want to visit or you don’t want your kids to visit by using URLs or keywords. 舉個例子, if you don’t want your children to visit the websites which include the keywords "sexy, violent", you just need to put these two keywords in the family PC keylogger, it will help you block all websites including these keywords.