How to Choose Mac Keylogger?

Keylogger spy for Mac is widely developed and used in many aspects. But it seems that most of the people dont know what kind of keylogger can assist them to the utmost extent. Now the following examples will tell you exactly which one to buy.

Case 1: Your husband has been going out almost every night and sometimes came home the next morning. He changed the admin password of his Mac to the one you don’t know. He has been real rude to you and refused to talk to you. He has been acting so strange that you want to know if he is cheating on you.

Solution: It would be better you use a keylogger software which supports remote installation because you have no physical access to his Mac. Aobo Remote Mac Keylogger can be installed remotely. It can send logs to your email or FTP place. With password protection your husband will be unable to uninstall it.

Case 2: Your kids always take advantage of your working and shopping time to use your computer. But you never see the website history. They are pretty young so you really want to know what they are doing on the computer in your absence.

Solution: Since you are the administrator of the computer and have all permissions, you can install a Mac keylogger software in your computer to track your kidsbehavior online. 您可以使用 奧博 Mac 鍵盤記錄, it can record keystrokes, log website visited and capture screenshots. The Professional Edition even can record passwords.

Case 3: You are a cheif leader of a small office and catch your personnel visiting irrelevant websites during working time. You want to find out what sites they usually go to and block the sites out of your office computer, but you can not afford expensive network management system.

Solution: What you need is a keylogger with blocking function. Use Safe Eyes’ Mac 的鍵盤記錄 in your office. It can record websites visited and block sites as well as programs by logic. 此外, it can limit time online and alert you when inappropriate content is accessed.

Learning the above cases, you must have understood how to choose different keylogger in different circumstances. The next you should do is just letting them help you more.