Invisible Parental Control Filter

In this global village, the Internet has been a vital friend for humans, especially for the younger generation who are always interested in the novel stuff. 毫無疑問, kids can learn a lot conveniently from the Internet which are filled with kinds of information. Nevertheless, your kids are exposed to massive improper materials as well. Various porn websites, violent games and social networking sites have been the big concern of parents. How to prevent those bad websites and applications from coming up on the computer? Aobo Filter for Mac/PC, the invisible Parental Control Filter, may be your best answer, which can not only block any website and application you hate secretly but also record the websites visited. So you can add more improper URLs to the blacklist thus making the filter perfect.

A feature of the invisible Parental Control Filter which appeals to you is the powerful blocking capability. Both the obscene websites polluting kids mind and the malware assaulting your kids will be blocked completely. Meanwhile, as for the social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and MSN which can expose the personal information also will be blocked in your demand, thus free your kids from being the targets of the perverts or pedophiles.

Another feature of the invisible Parental Control Filter which impresses you most is running in stealth and undetectable mode. If you determine to protect your kids better and in peace by keeping your monitoring software hidden, you can be assured that Aobo Filter for Mac/PC is completely invisible, cause Aobo Software adopted the top-notch stealth computer monitoring technology to meet the demand of parents. Aobo Filter for Mac/PC is totally invisible which will not appear on the desktop and task manager, so anyone unauthorized will not see it and access it. While blocking websites, the browser will show you that there is something wrong with the web instead of telling users that the web page has been blocked, so the user will never recognize a filter has been installed on his/her computer.

Taking all the concerns of parents into consideration, Aobo software released the invisible Parental Control Filter which can block porn websites automatically, any websites and applications you want to block in strictest manner as well as record websites visited. Now have a try in Aobo Filter for Mac/PC Free Trial.