Great Features of Keylogger for Apple iPad

iKeyMonitor iPad/iPhone 鍵盤記錄

There are many people consulting about Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger online but almost no luck. 然而, here is a piece of exciting news: iKeyMonitora safe and clean Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger developed by Aobo Software released recently!

Download a Free Trial copy of iKeyMonitor – Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger

Since iPhone and iPad have been attracting and affecting so many Apple fans, and the Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G) will enable an Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger app to upload the logs to web, similar to Aobo Mac Keylogger, 一個 Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger for this expensive but awesome handy device is what users are looking for.

Here are the features of this Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger

  • Log keystrokes and even passwords typed
  • Log SMS and WhatsApp messages sent and received
  • Track all the website history in Safari.
  • Take screenshots of the iPhone/iPad which enables you to see what’s going on.
  • Send the logs to your email account or web space so you can check it anywhere.
  • Run in stealth and undetectable mode.
  • Password protected so that no one can change the Keylogger setting.

Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger can’t be detected unless the user checks Cydia installed apps, but it will be difficult if the person does not know exactly what to look for. We offer a custom install script. 以這種方式, you can install the application without showing the history in Cydia, which makes it really very hard to find this Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger out.

You might worry that this whether this Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger sends to our servers or any others. Nope. The logs can be only sent to the e-mail you specified or FTP you own. Anyone else including the provider can not receive the logs of the Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger.

What would you like about iKeyMonitor – the Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger? Leave your creative ideas!

2 評論

  1. agantsmith

    Do you have an estimate of when this is supposed to come out? I am currently using Mobile Spy and it provides URL and GPS logs. but no keystroke logs. Doesn’t make sense that you would be able to log URLs but not the keystrokes. Would be nice to have an estimated release date.

    你好, the Keylogger for iPad Keylogger is available now. Please search iKeyMonitor in Cydia and download it.

  2. Breezy

    I just installed the free trial version. I’m still testing the mac Keylogger. Most functions are working great.