Aobo Keylogger For Mac Professional

Aobo Keylogger For Mac is the only Mac spy software which records 密碼 in the market. It helps you record all the keystrokes typed (including Passwords), 訪問網站, desktop screenshots and chat conversations and send you logs by emails/FTP.

Aobo Keylogger for Mac Professional Key Features:

Mac 的奧博鍵盤記錄
  • Record keystrokes typed on Mac
  • Automatically run and monitor in stealth mode.
  • Log keystrokes typed on any application and website
  • Log websites visited in Safari/Firefox/Chrome.
  • Log chat conversations in Adium/iChat/Skype/MSN/AIM
  • Log public IP Address of the Mac
  • Take desktop screenshots in interval.
  • Send reports to your email or FTP space termly.
  • Export logs to HTML/PDF files
  • Record passwords 在 Mac 上鍵入.

Special Features Of Aobo Keylogger for Mac Professional

1. Record passwords typed on any user account

Aobo Keylogger for Mac Professional will log passwords that show as asterisks on the Mac. The passwords are recorded into Keystroke Logs.

2. Keystroke-logging feature works for any account on the Mac

Once you successfully install Aobo Keylogger for Mac, it will record keystrokes typed by all the users on the Mac. And Keystroke Logs will show you the users who generate keystrokes.

3. Installation requires administrator password

To prevent ill-disposed people make use of Aobo Keylogger for Mac Professional to steal passwords, admin password is required during Keylogger for Mac Pro installation.

What Can You Do With Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger Professional?


Monitor and Protect your children

With Aobo Keylogger for Mac Professional you can record the passwords typed on the Mac. You can know everything with this parental keylogger for Mac to protect your children.


Monitor your home computer

Aobo Mac Keylogger for Mac Professional logs website visiting and chat conversations, he/she can’t hide activities on your home computer anymore.



You can know what is taking place on office Macs and avoid business secrets leaking by monitoring your employeesMacs with Aobo Keylogger for Mac Professional.

需要更專業的 Mac OS X 的員工監控解決方案?
檢查一體式員工監視器 – Mac 的 Easemon!

How Does This Keylogger for Mac Work?

After downloading the keylogger for Mac to your computer you need to install it and set it up by hand. After installation and set-up Aobo Keylogger for Mac will secretly collect every keystroke typed, every website visited, chats in specific IMs and capture screenshots in interval. It will generate a report and send it to a preset email account or FTP place. Of course you can choose to view the logs on the keylogger interface instead.

How Can I Get Aobo Keylogger for Mac Professional?

Actually it is very easy to get a copy. Most of famous downloading sites provide software downloading. You can also get a free trial from them or from websites of Aobo Keylogger for Mac. To get more information about this Keylogger for Mac or purchase you may visit the following sites: