MySpace Facebook AOL Parental Monitoring

What are your children seeing on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, 美國線上?

Are you using Spy Software which can Secretly Record MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, 美國線上, Emails, Chats, IM, BlogsEven Passwords?

You’re a sensible, safety-conscious parent. You don’t let your children decorate their rooms with violent or pornographic images. You have made it clear that you won’t tolerate swearing. You certainly wouldn’t approve of them bringing home friends who call themselves SuicideLullaby or PeeStandingUp. So why would you let them get away with all this and more on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, 美國線上?
MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, AOL is a growing phenomenon, popular with teens all across the globe. It is easy to understand its appeal. Each person creates their own page, their own "space", where they can express themselves without parental monitoring or censorship, and form bonds with other people online. In some ways, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, AOL is very traditionalgirls have pink pages where they talk about love and kittens, and boys use darker shades and boast about their drunken escapades.

But it doesn’t stop there. A quick browse through MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, AOL shows that many of the girls are putting up scantily-clad photos of themselves. There’s swearing, talk of drug use, and suicidal poetry. 簡而言之, there are many things on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, AOL that you would never want your children to see. Sometimes, the dangers of MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, AOL spread to the real world, as certain news stories about sexual predators illustrate.

Many parents have already discovered the horrors of MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, 美國線上. A well-known Internet safety expert recently revealed that she receives about 1,000 emails a day from parents who are upset about what they’ve seen on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, 美國線上. So what can you do?

For most parents, MySpace SPY, Facebook SPY, YouTube SPY, 美國線上 monitoring solution such as Social Spy is the most practical. With the help of software, you can keep an eye on how your children use MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, AOL at all timeseven when you’re out of the house. You can choose to use Sentrypc and WebWatcher in two different ways. Either you tell your children that you’re monitoring their MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, AOL use, which means that they’re likely to be much more cautious and sensibleessentially, it’ll be as if you’re standing next to them, asking "should you really be doing that"?

Social Spy is a powerful computer monitoring tool that runs on your computer and invisibly captures screenshots of whatever is happening on your computer and stores them in your online Social Spy account for convenient viewing, 24/7.

The Social Spy software installs in seconds and only requires you to enter in your account information before it can start monitoring your computer. Once started, it can transmit social networking activities, Internet activities, email and chats, or EVERYTHING the user does. Screenshots are transmitted as fast as you prefer (up to one per second) taking into consideration your internet connection and computer’s performance.

Once monitoring is started, you can view all captured screenshots via your Social Spy account at any time. Screenshots are searchable, they can be downloaded in an archive format so you can save them all to your computer with a single click, and they can be viewed in an automated slideshow.

Feel free to login to one of our test accounts on the Social Spy logs server. This demo account will show you EXACTLY how your user account will look (just different screenshots of course), and how it works.

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Top Features and Benefits

  • Visual Monitoring of Your PC from Anywhere in the world, 24/7
  • Captures Easy-to-View Screenshots of ALL User Social and Internet Activity
  • Monitors Your Computer in Complete Stealth
  • Receive Email Alerts When Specific Behaviors Occur
  • Compatible with All Windows Versions
  • SEE what your Child or Employee is doing Remotely, with Ease
  • 24/7 Web-based Access so you can View Activity at Any Time, Anywhere
  • No GuessworkKNOW how Your Computer is being Used at All times
  • Install and Monitors in MinutesExtremely easy to Install and Use


Social Spy can be ordered online in our guaranteed-secure environment and downloaded immediately after purchase. Orders can also be placed via phone, fax, wire transfer, bank transfer, PayPal, purchase order, or postal order. All purchases also come with Lifetime Priority Supportfree minor version upgrades.

Multiple User licenses come with 1 year of free major upgrades!

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