Parental Control Tools Are What You Need for Child Online Safety

Kids are in the spotlight because they’re spending more and more time onlineat home, in schools and at the homes of friends. According to CIC, high school kids spend as much as 5.1 hours a day online when they’re out of school, middle school children spend 4.9 hours daily and elementary school children spend 3.8 hours a day. Experts say kids can be particularly vulnerable to predators when divulging personal information on blogs, social networks or to marketers.

According to a new study from research firm Harris Interactive, roughly a third of parents said they don’t feel confident about teaching kids how to use the Internet safely and responsibly. 然而, parents are able to choose web filters, monitoring software or other parental control tools to ensure their kidsonline safety. Basically parents who use Mac can trust these tools to protect kids online.

Monitor and record what your children do online and who he/she talk to with 奧博 Mac 鍵盤記錄.

Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger will assist you in recording the both-side chat conversations of MSN/ AIM/ Adium/ iChat/ Skype, 網站, keystrokes and passwords typed on the Mac (專業版). You can know everything with this parental monitoring software for Mac to protect your children.

Filter or censor what your children can access on the Internet with Safe Eyes parental blocking software.

Safe Eyes is a piece of parental control software for Mac. It can record websites visited, instant messaging chats, programs used on the Internet and block the sites you don’t want your kids to see. Its Mac parental control feature prohibits the browsing of adult-only content on the Internet.

It’s important for every parent to learn how to keep kids safety online or at least know and control what they can do online. With these tools for children online security, you are a more responsible parent.