The Best Parental Control App Set Your Mind at Ease

The Internet is a wonderful but dangerous place for young kids because they are so inexperienced and innocent that it is easy for them to be addicted to playing on the computer and waste too much time and energy on the Internet. 什么 ’ s 变得更糟, some evil people specialize in cheating young kids online, which are the so called online predators or cyber bullying. 然而, the point I am trying to make is not that we cannot let our kids surf the Internet at all, but that parents should take some actions to protect kids online safety. 的 best parental control appMicro Keylogger is just what you need to do your parental control about monitoring what your kids do online, which will let you that do not worry about your children’s behavior any more and set your mind completely at ease.

best parental control app is the most professional parental control software designed for PC users that can be sued to monitor, record and block what you want to know on the target computer. It includes powerful recording, blocking features, and invisible and undetectable running features which all allow you good experience to monitor all things your kids do on the Internet.

Passwords typed in browsers and applications will be recorded clearly by the parental control app. Since the password is required in many websites and applications, it is essential and important to record the passwords your kids typed if you want to dig what they actually do online. 举个例子, if you want to know what your kids often do on their social networks such as Facebook or MySpace, you might as well try to use the passwords the best parental control app records for you to enter their space to check that if they showed some inappropriate private photos, or other information on it, or if they makes some immoral friends online and so on. 此外, all keystrokes typed, 访问网站, application used, files downloaded will be recorded to tell you what they do every day on the computer. And the instant messages that chat online will also be logged clearly. All these logs will be sent to your email or FTP space secretly and automatically at an interval.

Apart from recording features, 的 best parental control app provides invisible running feature and powerful features for you. It monitors and records all in stealth mode so that your children won’t know that they are monitored by parents, which will make you easier and better to monitor your children’s behavior on the Internet. After you know what your kids often do online, you can use the parental control software to help you block any unwanted websites or applications by URLs, keywords or precess name. When your kids use the application, it will show server error and you don’t need to worry that your kids may know there is a blocking program running on the computer.