Run EAM with anti-spy software

Some anti-virus and anti-spyware programs can detect IMonitor programs as Spyware.AllMonitor. To install IMonitor software you must be the owner of the computer or authorized by the owner. In this case you may easily add IMonitor programs to Exclude/Ignore/Exceptions list of your anti-spyware. Here are some articles from Symantec’s Support […]

Tips for Monitoring Employee

Communication is Key Perhaps as important as having a detailed workplace monitoring policy is a plan to commuticate the policy to your employees. Some tips include: Make sure your employees know how they are being monitoredand why they are being monitored Be clear with your employees about what […]

Use Remote Desktop Monitoring

» Remote Desktop Monitoring Remote Desktop Monitoring: 1. Choose destination computer that you want to monitor from computer list. the agent you chose must appear with an online status. 2. Click Remote Desktop -> Active Desktop -> Connect. 3. If you want to change refresh speed, please click your mouse’s […]