Computer Monitoring Spy Provides the Best Parental Control

现在, the Internet is filled with dangerous or inappropriate content, cyber-bullying and online predators. 然而, as parents, you are more likely to be unaware of what your children are doing online. In reality, there are so many places in the Internet where children could be easily exposed to plenty of online threats. That’s why it’s rather important for parents to use computer monitoring spya real parental control tool to make the Internet a safe place for kids.

The easy-to-use computer spy doesn’t require you to be technical to put it into the target computer. All it takes is a few minutes to download and install the spy program then you can experience the travel of monitoring your kidsonline activities. Most importantly, it is a completely clean and invisible program with all the qualities of a good spy program. That makes it work better than any other computer monitoring spy when protecting children away from online dangers via parental control.

The full-featured computer monitoring software runs silently in the background while your children surf the Internet, so it keeps recording and reporting you about what is happening on the computer without being detected. Things like typed keystrokes, passwords entered in browsers and applications, 访问网站, periodic desktop screenshots could all be captured by the undetectable and untraceable computer monitoring spy. And it keeps you informed of recorded content by automatically sending logs to your email or FTP space which provides easier access to information gather by the spy monitoring.

The advanced parental control software is available to do the job of recording as well as filtering computer Internet activity. Because children tend to be easily and quickly addicted to computers and Internet surfing, spending too much of everyday time chatting, searching social media websites and more. After applying the computer monitoring spy, you will see how your children use the Internet, social networks and applications to know what they are doing online the most frequently. Then you are allowed to set up spy monitoring to block some unwanted sites and prevent any applications from running which assists kids to quit addiction to computers with reasonable limitations on the Internet.

Now that you know more about parental controls, why not get started now to download 微型键盘记录 trial for free and enjoy its comprehensive features of recording, filtering, reporting and even more. Micro Keylogger will surely offer you a better way to protect your kids online.