How to Track Websites on Mac

Website tracking on Mac allows you to record all the websites visited on the Internet, from which you can check to see if the websites visited have something unsafe or dangerous information on it. But how to track websites on Mac is a very important issue. 实际上, there are so many applications provided on the market that you can use to track websites on Mac in many different fields. They often can help you track all the websites visited on the Internet. 举个例子, if you want to monitor the user activities on your Mac, you can use some safe and useful software programs to help you track and monitor the websites. Here are two different types of software which can help you track websites on Mac.

  1. Mac 键盘记录
    Aobo Mac Keylogger is an intelligent websites tracking software that helps you record all websites visited on the Mac. After you install it on your Mac, it will begin to monitor all pages that Mac users opened, and what time the websites were visited automatically .You will receive the report via email or your FTP to monitor the activities on the Mac remotely. Aobo Mac Keylogger is the easiest website tracking software that can help you track the URLs and the titles of the websites so that you can access the websites directly by clicking the web sites logging. And it still tracks the websites even though you empty your history after you finish viewing the web pages. It will always keep track websites on Mac unless you set customizable "close web history" on the browsers by your own. 然而, it can only track the websites visited in 野生动物, 火狐谷歌 Chrome, so if you want to use it to track websites on your Mac, you’d better pay more attention to that.
  2. Mac 网络过滤器
    Aobo Internet Filter for Mac is actually a blocking program that is designed to filter the websites opened on your Mac. It also tracks websites visited on the Mac even if you have set customizable "close web history" on the browsers. It allows you to track websites on Mac visited in any browsers, which means that no matter which browser the Mac user uses, the Internet Filter for Mac will track the websites. So you don’t need to worry what web browser your children or someone else use. And it can not only help you track websites on Mac, but also can help you block any websites that you don’t think it is safe and healthy for your Mac or your children. 然而, it can only record the Internet addresses or URLs about the websites, so you need to spend some time on copying, pasting and then opening the websites to see what the website is.

Two different types of programs above are very useful websites tracking software for you, so you can use it to monitor your children’s activity online, tracking your employeesworking situation and more. If you are interested in it, you can know more about 奥博 Mac 键盘记录Mac 网络过滤器.