Why Choose iPhone Spy Software?

iPhone is widely used in this modern life, no matter you are on a bus or on the subway, you will see that many people focus on playing their iPhone. 然而, the potential threats and dangers on the iPhone will follow. Do you want to know if your kids make friends with some bad guys? Would you like to make clear if your husband is cheating on you? Now iKeyMonitor iPhone Keylogger – 的 iPhone Spy Softwareis just right for you to solve all your problems above.

iPhone Spy Software is a high-tech program that allows you to spy everything that is done on the iPhone in real time, so it can help you monitor and record all activities they do with their iPhone. Now let’s see what the iPhone Spy Software can do for you:

Young children use the iPhone to watch videos, read eBooks, listen to music, surf the Internet and chat with friends online and so on. Even though they are tech-savvy, they are likely to be cheated by the online predator or others. After installing the iPhone Spy Software for your children’s iPhone, you will get all information about what they often do with the iPhone. It records all keystrokes typed on the iPhone including the passwords they typed on the Internet or other applications. All websites visited in Safari will be also recorded to tell you what web pages they viewed. Screenshots will be captured periodically to offer you a visual image about what they exactly do on the iPhone.

Maybe you have been suspecting that your husband is cheating on you for a long time but you don’t know how to get the truth. 与 iPhone Spy Software, you can easily know what he often does on his iPhone, who he often contact. Apart from keystroke, password and website logging, the spy software for the iPhone also logs the SMS received and sent to the iPhone. Another chance is that the iKeyMonitor will take screenshots of your iPhone. If your spouse is involved in video chat, the screenshots will provide you the evidence. 此外, the screenshot capturing will serve you with more logs like Yahoo Messenger and WhatsApp chats.

You can also choose to turn on or turn off the software remotely, so it is more convenient that you don’t need to get the iPhone by yourself. And all logs recorded will be sent to your email or FTP space automatically and secretly. Another important feature is that the iPhone spy software monitors and records all in stealth mode, so it is hard for the iPhone users to find their iPhone is monitored.

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